Quivira Vineyards’ is a leading producer of Zinfandel, Sauvignon Blanc and Rhone varietals, built upon intentional winegrowing and a thoughtful commitment to sustainable and organic farming. Quivira’s philosophy is driven by the seamless vision of quality shared between winemaker Hugh Chappelle and vineyard manager Ned Horton. Together, they have integrated the vineyard and winery where farming practices are optimally aligned with the desired characteristics of the finished wine.



The winemaking style at Quivira emphasizes balance and transparency of terroir utilizing the principles taught by Rudolph Steiner and thoughtful low-input winemaking to produce wines that proudly showcase their varietals and origins. In crafting these wines, Hugh uses a light touch when working with the raw materials. This is not a hands-off approach, it simply means that manipulation is intentionally and thoughtfully minimized to only those operations the wine truly needs. In fact, it requires even more engagement via more frequent observation and tasting to best know when and when not to intervene. Hugh likes to develop complexity by judiciously using a few techniques: blending, co-fermentation, phased harvesting and barrel aging - both oak and acacia wood.



Quivira’s classic claret-style has stayed true since the winery’s inception. Dry Creek's terroir delivers spice with bright, red fruit that is totally unique.


Quivira's Sauvignon Blancs are defined by the balance of racy, brisk acidity and juicy, flavorful palate that leave an intense and layered signature.


Our Wine Creek Estate has a near perfect climate overlap with Southern Rhône, and this is why we planted numerous Rhône varieties over two decades ago.


Quivira produces minuscule amounts of a few other wines exclusively for our most discerning customers.