Quivira Winery is located on the 110-acre estate that is bisected by the Wine Creek; this life-giving water source is the namesake of our home ranch, Wine Creek Ranch. The soil deposited over thousands of years on the valley floor is primarily gravelly and sandy loam – deep, well drained and fertile dirt that produces good crops of flavorful grapes. With 59 acres planted to vines, Quivira Vineyards’ strives to be a leading producer of Zinfandel, Sauvignon Blanc and Rhône varieties, built upon intentional winegrowing and a thoughtful commitment to organic and Biodynamic farming.

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A representative of the Adcon weather station has stated that our Wine Creek Ranch is the coldest site in Dry Creek Valley; this is optimal for preserving acidity in the Sauvignon Blanc and Rhônes planted on the valley floor.

Wine Creek Ranch's estate Zinfandel is grown on hillside sites which are principally Dibble Clay Loam and Clough Gravelly Loam. The combination of fresh red fruit and spice is completely unique to Dry Creek.

The property’s Mediterranean climate and well-draining soils enable Rhône varieties to thrive. Quivira is at the forefront of blending Rhône varieties in Dry Creek and stands out from other New World products in the initial flavor profile. Our Rhône varieties---mainly Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvèdre have grown only a couple of hundred yards apart from one another. This creates a synergy that is distinct to Wine Creek and optimized by Hugh and the Kight's winegrowing partnership.

Vineyard Acreage

1 Primitivo 3.46 4 x 7 Cordon 2008
2 & 3 Syrah 2.79 7 x 10 Cordon 2002
4A Sauvignon Blanc 2.50 5 x 8 Cane 2013
4B Moscat Bianco 0.50 5 x 8 Cane 2013
5Petite Sirah 1.614 x 7Head2008
6 & 8Sauvignon Blanc9.387 x 10Cordon1998
9Petite Sirah1.367 x 10Head1970's
10Semillion2.338 x 6Cane2017
11ASauvignon Blanc0.988 x 6Cane2017
11BSauvignon Musque0.968 x 6Cane2017
12Grenache5.268 x 10Cordon2002
13AGrenache1.284 x 7Cordon2008
13BMontepulciano1.34 x 7Cordon2008
13CCounoise0.964 x 8Cordon2008
14BSauvignon Blanc2.964.5 x 8Cane Pruned2010
17Zinfandel4.547 x 10Head1991
18AZinfandel0.549 x 4Head2015
18BPetitte0.439 x 4Head2015
18DZinfandel0.679 x 4Head2015
18EPrimotivo0.799 x 4Head2015
18FAlicante0.149 x 5Head2015
19Zinfandel3.84 x 8Cordon2017
20Zinfandel1.235 x 8Head2017
22Mourvedre2.546 x 10Head2004
23Sauvignon Musque2.157 x 11Cordon2002