At Quivira, we bring a systematic approach to ensuring the health and vitality of our vineyards and aligning our farming practices with production of fine wines. Our commitment to sustainability revolves around the following principles:

Biological Diversity
Quivira has a tradition of cultivating biodiversity on our farm. We are proud to have restored Wine Creek which is now a healthy spawning locale for Steelhead and Coho. Additionally, we have a beautiful and diverse garden that is open for guests to enjoy which includes beehives and chickens.
Native Flora & Fauna
Our bio-diversity perpetuates a life cycle that attracts wild animals, birds, insects and plants that are all an integral part of our healthy and sustainable farm. These native creatures add layers of complexity that builds an environment that is hospitable and healthy for our grapes to flourish, resulting in better wine.
The biological diversity on the property is one important element toward our goal of being self-sustainable. We also utilize a 55kw solar installation, we manage our own half-acre compost pile and we are innovating with our water conservation. Our vineyards become healthier with each passing year. Instead of depleting resources from the vineyards, we are naturally replenishing nutrients back into the soil which nourishes the grapes, ultimately resulting in better quality wine.
Holistic Farming
Adhering to the principles established by Rudolph Steiner, Quivira’s garden grows all of the preparation herbs and flowers while our animals produce nutrient rich manure. We also make all of our own preparations, another step toward self-sustainability. By following the lunar calendar in our farm, we are able to bring the right timing and balance to our vineyard applications creating healthier fruit.

Varieties & Total Acres of Estate Vines

Sauvignon Blanc 11.88
Sauvignon Musque 5.11
Petite Sirah 3.4
Montepulciano 1.30
Counoise 0.96
Zinfandel 11.97
Primitivo 3.46
Grenache 6.54
Mourvedre 4.87
Syrah 4.85